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On-Demand Course: EP23 - IQCP - Quality Control Based on Risk Management

This online course allows for anyone, anywhere, anytime to learn about EP23 and its intent to help create an individualized quality control plan (IQCP) based on risk management.
The newly updated EP23™ online course imparts the knowledge and skills necessary for the successful implementation of IQCP based on CLSI document EP23-A™â€”Laboratory Quality Control Based on Risk Management; Approved Guideline. The program consists of self-paced lesson modules followed by a course examination and an optional homework assignment. The homework assignment allows participants to create a quality control plan (QCP) for an analyte used in their health care settings.
Upon completion of the homework, the learner will receive feedback and tips on enhancing their QCP from a CLSI instructor. This online lesson interaction aims to answer any specific questions or concerns about implementing a successful IQCP program.